Magic of Ireland / The ensouled nature of Ireland

Nowhere else the veil to the "Other-world" is comparably airy as it is in Ireland!

Besides of its rolling hills and its steep coasts the Emerald Isle disposes of an ensouled nature. Celts named this mystical dimension beside ours the "Other-world". Silent lakes, sweeping cascades, spellbound forests, magic Stone Circles, enchanted castles and ruins, spectacular shining light and impressive cloud banks personify the gate to the "Other-world".

As the legend says, this is the place for the mystical creatures in the shape of the little folk and shy leprechauns.

Can there ever be a more mystical place to give birth to Guardian Angels than this?

Sourcing of...

The Irish sheep are living in keeping with nature - and leave their waving marks: loose wool stucking at a fence, a streak entangling itself in a bramble or the gorse.

Collecting these wooly clusters, I carefully wash and dry them, followed by combing to free them from plant parts.

As the neighbouring Irish farmers are fascinated by my handcraft, committing itself to Magical Ireland, they are splendidly supporting me by offering some of their fleeces off the beaten track during sheep shearing season.

For what it's worth - meanwhile even their car trips are under Original Irish Guardian Angel's protection, dangling from the driving mirror.

Finished product

This way unique handcraft arises for anybody being unable or even unwilling to elude the fascination of the mystical Emerald Isle.

Every little angel is a one-of-a-kind creature - a case sui generis, traditionally handmade without using a template.

It unifies the enchantment and the Magic of Ireland, destined to confer its energy and protection upon its specific human.

This way an untearable ribbon to the Emerald Isle arises.


Dagmar & Peter Kunze

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